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HNNH is an independent artist based in Atlanta, Georgia.

She writes, composes and produces her own music and instrumentals. Her music could be described as Pop Soul Electronic. She uses sounds from Indie-pop, soul and chill wave/electronic to create positive tracks with "spaced out" vibes.

Hannah became interested in music at a young age. While growing up in Heidelberg, Germany, she was involved in musical theater. After moving to the United States in 2004, Hannah began to pursue a path in music. She is self-taught on the guitar and piano, as well as music production software.

Hannah's determination and curiosity are key factors of her talent and creativity. "I don't want to put myself in a box; I don't like to limit myself like that. Challenge yourself. If you want to do something, you can do it. Just set your mind to it and work for it." 


Music and art have always been an outlet to express myself and process my feelings. I've experienced depression since I was 18 and getting lost in a song or a project was always a good way to distract myself and create something beautiful out of all the darkness.


The balance between mental health and mental illness is very important to me. I've lost people to depression and it's a very heavy experience to process. I like to be open about mental health and mental illness because it's a reality for many people, and it's not something anyone should ever have to feel ashamed of.

Life has its ups and downs... I hope your life is filled with more ups than downs. And if you are down, I hope my music can help you find some peace and love until you're up again ❤︎  



My biggest influences are my own experiences and feelings and the feelings of other people around me.


I want my music to make people feel good and feel connected.



WUOG Athens

Power 96.1

The Masquerade, ATL

Vinyl at Centerstage, ATL

Georgia State University

University of Georgia

Georgia Tech

Apache Cafe, ATL

The Drunken Unicorn, ATL

Wildflower Cafe, AL
Union EAV, ATL

The Hangar, ATL

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